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The Society of Surveying and Construction aims to create a stronger link between surveying, construction and repairing.

Today, many highly experienced builders lack awards and qualifications that could raise their profile and confirm their competence to their customers. To assist this, we run several important courses that can lead to awards and qualifications that can increase the professionalism of both the surveyors and the builders.

Why Join Us?

Membership is open to all professionals who have verifiable experience in surveying or construction. Benefits of membership will give your business:

  • Valuable diploma qualifications.
  • A more professional appearance.
  • Greater perceived competence.
  • A higher business profile.
  • Enduring business opportunities.

About us

A members-only not-for-profit company

The Society of Surveying & Construction is a members-only not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, established to assess and report on the condition of traditionally constructed properties in the UK and overseas. Membership is open to all those who have verifiable experience in surveying or construction, or qualifications and awards in surveying or construction occupations.

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Our Societies

Society of Surveying & Construction

Aimed at helping both surveyors and builders, the Society offers courses and a suite of Diploma qualifications that help highlight your competence and professionalism.

Society of Buildings & Health

The aims of this society are to raise awareness of the relationship between buildings and the health of their occupants, by way of surveys and audits that assess risks and hazards.

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