Our Memberships

Professional Membership
Associate £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Member £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Fellow £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Business Membership Joining and Assessment fee from £190 joining and assessment fee followed by an annual membership fee of £33.00 per month for 12 months or £360.00 one off payment.
Sole Trader £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)
Limited Company £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)

Course structure

All our courses are hosted from our base in Seaton Hall. Courses last for two days and are delivered in bite sized segments to facilitate easier learning.

Classes usually consist of 8-10 learners, who engage in informal discussion and assessment of course materials. Thereafter, learners are supported via distance learning using email and phone.

In addition, learners may also attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions held in local regional facilities.

Subjects included

  • Landlord and tenant Housing Health & Safety Rating assessments
  • Damp and timber surveys.
  • Internal building environment, ventilation and air quality.
  • Building health compliance inspections.
  • Introduction to Tort of Negligence in consumer law.
  • Guide to sales & development, business management and support.


Our Society offers members competence based verification of their status. Client testimonials are not a verification of competence. The awards and verification of expertise and competence are a valuable asset that over the years generates enduring business. The Society membership can be used in promoting your skills and knowledge to the client while using referral sites & thus gaining far more from such sites. Members are entitled to use post nominal acronyms to demonstrate their competence.

What will I learn?

Health & Safety requirements are, perhaps, the most important areas of knowledge that you will improve on. For example, some past learners have found they did not know how to operate a moisture meter correctly, despite having spent many years using one in their daily work. Such a lack of knowledge could potentially risk litigation. Membership offers great opportunities to learn such critical knowledge from both the tutor and from other Society members.

What if I can't afford the time or costs.

Your business is an asset. If you are not prepared to invest in it, you will not reap the very rich rewards possible. Greater knowledge saves much more time later. Moreover, course duration is from one to two days and cause minimal disruption to daily work

What are the costs?

Individual Associate membership is £180. Business membership is from £350. Members are also entitled to significant discounts on the use of BCA software within the prevailing terms and conditions and corporate literature.

How do you stop those who are not competent from becoming members?

We set very high standards and only accept competent and reputable persons within our memberships. All prospective members are invited to join because their reputation has been evaluated and considered good and this is verified by personal contact and random site visits. Potential members can also approach the Society subject to the verification. Potential members are also advertised to existing members to invite comment as a further check on standards.

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