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Tackling a growing health crisis

It has long been known that excessive dampness in our homes and/or workplaces can be bad for our health. Damp-loving bacteria and mould spores thrive in such environments and can cause serious illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and, increasingly, Covid 19.

The UK has some of the highest rates in the world of such illnesses and many health experts now conclude that the moisture condition of buildings is a contributor to this growing health crisis. Causes cited for the increased dampness in UK buildings include:

  • Sealing the property with double glazing and insulation.
  • Increased airtightness of new buildings to combat energy wastage.
  • Poor, faulty or obsolete ventilation systems.
  • Overcrowding, particularly in areas where housing is in short supply.
  • Flooding and excessive rainfall as a result of global warming.

Ironically, the first two items in this list come from a desire by regulators to actually improve our homes and save energy!

The Society of Building & Health was founded to improving the relationship between buildings and health. Members of our Society will hold a recognised Diploma in using the Building Condition Audit (BCA) and will be qualified to conduct surveys to assess the internal environment for health compliance.

The Healthy Homes Campaign

Healthy Homes is a standard created by the Society of Buildings & Health to guide property owners, letting agents and tenants as to the risks and hazards that must be addressed when occupying a property.

Healthy Homes Inspectors trained and qualified by the Society of Buildings & Health are appointed to the Scheme to raise standards in surveying & the health of property occupiers. The Scheme attracts tenants who wish to occupy a compliant property and who value the importance placed by letting agents on such properties

Landlords who own Healthy Properties benefit from happier tenants who wish to remain for longer, and less redecoration from mould and humidity in properties which are not healthy. Rental and capital values are maximised and easier to re-let or sell and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Local authorities recognise landlords who comply with the law in their approved property rental schemes.

Benefits of Membership

  • Professional Courses With Qualifications
  • Continual Professional Development.
  • Up-to Date Support On Legislation.
  • Superior Insurance Cover.
  • Generate Increased Income.
  • Access To The Property Condition Audit.
  • Total Building Health Certification.
  • Nationwide Coverage.
  • Healthy Homes Business Association.

How you will learn

Course structure

All our courses are hosted from our base in Seaton Hall. Courses last for two days and are delivered in bite sized segments to facilitate easier learning.

Classes usually consist of 8-10 learners, who engage in informal discussion and assessment of course materials. Thereafter, learners are supported via distance learning using email and phone.

In addition, learners may also attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions held in local regional facilities.

Subjects included

  • Landlord and tenant Housing Health & Safety Rating assessments
  • Damp and timber surveys.
  • Internal building environment, ventilation and air quality.
  • Building health compliance inspections.
  • Introduction to Tort of Negligence in consumer law.
  • Guide to sales & development, business management and support.
Student £25
Professional Membership
Associate £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Member £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Fellow £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Business Membership Joining and Assessment fee from £190. Desk top £275 for site visit.
Sole Trader £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)
Limited Company £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)

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