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The problem with surveys..

When a valuation surveyor inspects a property's condition, usually for a prospective buyer, he/she identifies and reports any problems therein. Whether this is to satisfy a mortgage lender or reassure a cash buyer, a survey is commissioned for the same purpose: to assess a property's approximate value versus the asking price.

However, despite reputable surveyors exercising a proper duty of care in their assessments, reports can often fall short of a thorough buildings inspection. Though a surveyor will consider many things in their report (the value of comparable properties in the area, for instance), they will usually not be qualified to test services, check roofs and floors, identify structural defects or inspect walls for dampness.

This means the report they write may not always tell the whole story, which may lead to significant post-sale costs for the new owner and, in extreme cases, dire legal consequences for the reporting surveyor (see Merrett versus Babb: a Landmark Case).

The solution..

The Society of Surveying and Construction was founded to create a stronger link between surveying and construction by offering courses that award valuable Diploma qualifications to those within these industries.

Professional builders especially will benefit from membership, as our awards can generate trust and credibility in the minds of property investors seeking to commission an expert building inspection. Surveyors can also benefit from membership, as our courses can significantly increase surveying competence, leading to more qualified assessments and more accurate reporting.

All our courses are run from our base at the beautiful Seaton Hall, near Staithes in North Yorkshire and accommodation is available to both individuals and groups.

Benefits of Membership

  • We provide manageable mini courses that cause minimal disruption to daily work.
  • Our memberships offer great opportunities to network with other Society members.
  • Our courses are designed to re-evaluate previous acquired knowlege and experience and confirm this in a relevant award.
  • Our awards will attract more customers to your services by reflecting an increased competence and credibility in your business.

Where you will learn

Beautiful Seaton Hall

Seaton Hall is a beautiful manor house on the Yorkshire Heritage Coast. Located near the ancient fishing village of Staithes, it is an idealic learning environment, with private gardens, woodland, and nearby cliff tops, beaches and bays to explore.

How you will learn

Course structure

All our courses are hosted from our base in Seaton Hall. Courses last for two days and are delivered in bite sized segments to facilitate easier learning.

Classes usually consist of 8-10 learners, who engage in informal discussion and assessment of course materials. Thereafter, learners are supported via distance learning using email and phone.

In addition, learners may also attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions held in local regional facilities.

Subjects included

  • Landlord and tenant Housing Health & Safety Rating assessments
  • Damp and timber surveys.
  • Internal building environment, ventilation and air quality.
  • Building health compliance inspections.
  • Introduction to Tort of Negligence in consumer law.
  • Guide to sales & development, business management and support.
Student £25
Professional Membership
Associate £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Member £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Fellow £235 - Paid monthly (12 x £20)
Business Membership Joining and Assessment fee from £190. Desk top £275 for site visit.
Sole Trader £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)
Limited Company £360 - Paid monthly (12 x £30)

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